Vision correction surgery, or refractive surgery, is a type of ophthalmology dedicated to the study and treatment of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. The main objective is to improve your eyesight in order to avoid being dependent spectacles or contact lenses.

Different surgical techniques have evolved to correct ocular refraction both safely and efficiently.

Anyone can be examined in order to assess the possibilities of correcting their refraction problems with surgery. The ophthalmologist examines the eyes through a series of different tests to decide whether or not the patient would benefit from surgery, and which type of surgery would be most appropriate in each case. A thorough examination is one of the first and most essential steps towards guaranteeing the success of the operation.

Although anyone can be an eligible candidate, surgery is typically carried out on patients of 21 years old and over, when the refraction is stable, i.e. with changes of less than half a dioptre during the last year.

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