The ICR Research Department was created in June 2006 with the conviction that the best care for patients is achieved through meticulous assistance supported by professionals with solid training, the most advanced technology and rigorous research activity. The fundamental objective of the department is to promote, facilitate and guide research of the highest quality and rigour in the field of ophthalmology. The Research Department has its own facilities and specific, experienced staff.

The clinical research projects currently underway evaluate the latest diagnostic technologies and the latest medical and surgical treatments for ophthalmological pathology. Our participation in national and international research projects allows us to be in contact with the most advanced technology and the latest treatments.

The ICR is a member of the (European Vision Institute for Clinical Research network) of which about 100 institutions across Europe are members. All EVICR centres share rigorous and demanding procedures for conducting clinical studies and trials.

At ICR we are convinced that clinical and applied research brings new knowledge, rigour and strength to the healthcare we provide.

Current research

ICR has a Research Committee that reviews and evaluates each of the trials and projects that may be carried out at the institution. The Research Committee decides which are sufficiently interesting, scientifically innovative and respectful of ethical principles, and only those are accepted and implemented.

All clinical trials and studies go through the Research Ethics Committee (REC), an independent part of the ICR, which ensures the protection of patients participating in these studies. Without prior IRB approval, a project or trial cannot be carried out.

We are currently working on more than 16 projects, including clinical trials and our own studies.

Clinical trials

ICR participates in Clinical Trials of different phases (phase I-IV) promoted by pharmaceutical laboratories and also carries out projects promoted by its own researchers (medical, optometry, auxiliary and nursing departments).

A large percentage of ICR staff are involved in research activity and all ICR researchers have the necessary up-to-date training in good clinical practice.

The following projects are currently active:

TitlePrincipal Investigator State
A Phase 3, Multicentre, Double-masked, Randomised Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Intravitreal xxx in Combination with yyy, Compared with yyy Alone, in Participants with Neovascular Age-related Macular Degeneration (nAMD)Dr. JürgensOpen recruitment
 A Phase 2/3, Randomized, Double-masked, Multicenter, Dose-ranging, Sham-Controlled Clinical Trial to Evaluate Intravitreal XXX Compared to Sham Procedure for the Treatment of Geographic Atrophy (GA) Secondary to Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)Dr. JürgensOpen recruitment
Comparison of the performance and safety of XXX versus YYY Multi in the treatment of moderate to severe Dry Eye SyndromeDr. RuizOpen recruitment

Own studies

In 2024, we are working on more than 6 of our own studies, which are listed below. The Research Department provides support in designing the protocols for our own research studies, coordinates the processing of the relevant approvals, helps to set up the studies, monitors their execution and helps and advises on the dissemination of the results.

TitlePrincipal InvestigatorState
Estudio de eficiencia y seguridad de  la Trancanula® en la cirugía de pacientes con catarata y glaucoma pseudoexfoliativo.Dr. José Manuel NaveroOpen recruitment
Estudio de eficacia, seguridad, calidad de vida y coste-efectividad de la cirugía menos invasiva del glaucoma versus la cirugía convencional.Dr. José Manuel NaveroOpen recruitment
Cálculo del cociente estatura-eje axial ocular como índice predictivo de miopía infantil.Dr. Lluís Cavero i Marc Martínez D.O.OOpen recruitment
Correlación entre el ángulo Kappa y la dominancia ocular direccional en visión lejana.Lluís González D.O.OOngoing
Influencia en la queratometría del astigmatismo inducido por la incisión para el implante de lente fáquica Evo ICL.Dr. Francesc DuchOngoing
Estimación automática del riesgo de progresión en glaucoma con inteligencia artificial a partir de datos clínicos: Una herramienta clínica de medicina de precisión.Dr Alfonso AntonOngoing

If you are interested in volunteering to participate in a Trial or Study, you can ask your ophthalmologist or contact the Research Department directly on +34 93 253 16 47. They will assess whether you meet the necessary requirements to participate in any of the Trials that are being carried out at the moment and will advise you if this is the case.

Awards and publications

Currently the average number of scientific publications in journals is 11 per year. All of them can be consulted in the publications section.

At the same time, the Research Department holds the annual Research Awards, which from 2021 will be called the Dr. Ramon Martí i Bonet Ophthalmology Research Awards, in honour of the founder of the ICR. Since the first edition, more than 45,000 euros have already been awarded to the winners.

Head of Research at ICR:

Dr. Alfonso Antón

Research Department:

Antonio Morilla. Coordinador senior de EECC y estudios clínicos

Estela Sánchez. Coordinadora junior de EECC y estudios clínicos

Liliana Araujo. Optometrista. Coordinador junior de EECC y estudios clínicos

Marc Martínez. Optometrista. Coordinador junior de EECC y estudios clínicos

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