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Ocular diseases

  • Cataract

    Thanks to the latest innovations in intraocular lenses, we can regain the vision lost due to cataracts and reduce the dependency on glasses at the same time.

  • Retinal detachment

    In most cases, the vision can be recovered after a surgery for retinal detachment: But if it is not treated, the patient’s vision could be irrevocably lost.

  • Glaucoma

    Glaucoma entails a loss of the vision field, usually asymptomatic until later stages of the disease. If it is not treated properly, it can induce blindness.

  • Dry eye syndrome or keratoconjunctivitis sicca

    Dryness, inconvenience, stinging or a feeling of sand in the eye could be symptoms of dry eye syndrome and require personalized treatment.

  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

    AMD it is a pathology that affects the central vision. It progresses as the patient’s age increases and can lead to blindness if not treated early.

  • Presbyopia

    Difficulty to focus in short distances usually begins to appear at 40-45 years old and can be corrected through refractive surgery.

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Why ICR?


Our best endorsement: over 35 years of experience treating and taking care of our patients’ vision.

Institut Català de Retina (ICR) is an ophthalmology center of national and international reference. Founded more than 35 years ago by Dr. Ramon Martí i Bonet, it is today one of the private centers with more medical activity in Europe.


We are a comprehensive ophthalmology center covering all specializations.

ICR’s more than 350 professionals, including 90 ophthalmologists, have made it a pioneering organization of recognized prestige in the field of health, specifically in the field of ophthalmology. In addition, we offer a humane and personalized treatment to all of our patients. Our team is able to attend patients in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, German or Russian.


We offer an ophthalmology emergencies service 24/7, all year long.

ICR is a reference center in Barcelona in urgent ophthalmologic care. The Emergencies Department has several consultation rooms exclusively for ophthalmologic emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In them, there are always present some ophthalmologists, plus available on-call surgeons, who can be reached at any time.

Since its creation, the ICR Emergencies Department has been chosen by our patients, as well as by ophthalmologists from all over Catalonia, who have referred their patients here. In addition, agreements have been established with health insurance companies and important mutual insurance companies for occupational accidents or eye diseases.


We are one of the private ophthalmology centers with more activity in Europe.

ICR stands out not only for having highly qualified professionals, but also for having the latest technological advances, in terms of diagnostic tests, lasers and surgical and therapeutic procedures. In addition, our passion for vision care makes us adopt any novelty that may benefit our patients, as long as it is based on scientific evidence.

Health Insurance Companies

We have agreements with most of the health insurance companies.

We work with most health insurance companies, as well as occupational accidents insurance entities. Thus, we offer medical and surgical assistance to workers affected by professional accidents or eye diseases.

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Health insurance companies

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