Cornea and ocular surface


Eight tips for combating dry eye syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is a common condition that occurs when the eye doesn’t produce enough tears or when these are not of a high enough quality to keep the eyes hydrated and free from discomfort. Risk Factors Eye dryness can affect anyone, despite being most common among women, especially after the menopause, or in those […]


Curious facts about tears

A sad movie ending, a breakup, an onion chopped into slices, a blow or contusion, or fits of laughter may bring us to tears, a liquid that has many functions. Lachrymal glands produce them continuously, and can generate between 55 and over 110 liters of tears per year, thus contributing to maintaining daily eye health […]


Eye health tips for winter sports practice

Cold is here to stay. And the best way to enjoy it is spending a few days skiing. However, despite the insistence and the fact that most people know it is important to protect your eyes in snowy conditions, we still see many people practising winter sports without protection glasses. When to protect your eyes in snowy conditions […]


Contact lenses: the perfect match for summer?

In summer, contact lenses are many people’s best friend, as they help them enjoy their holidays, and increase comfort. Eyeglasses become a discomfort and contact lenses provide not only higher comfort, but also a wider visual field, as they eliminate the annoying eyeglasses arms. Moreover, they offer the advantage of not getting steamed up nor […]


How to protect our eyes from solar radiation

During summer, we are more exposed to solar radiation than during the rest of the year seasons.  People is increasingly conscious of the need to protect their skin, but we must also bear in mind that our eyes need the same protection from solar radiation. Solar radiation can cause damages in the eyes to a […]


Dry eye and ocular allergy

With the advent of spring months, many patients visit the ophthalmologist believing they are experimenting manifestations of an ocular allergy. However, in some cases symptoms may arise from a combination of causes. Pollution in big cities associated to pollen appearing with seasonal changes may cause problems in eyes and airways in some people who, faced […]

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