Pine Processionary; eye reactions

In Spring the risk of suffering allergies increases, as the plant and animal allergens that cause them appear. The Pine Processionary (Thaumetopoea pityocampa) is a type of moth that invades particular tree species, especially pines. This year its arrival has come early thanks to a mild and dry winter. RISKS The caterpillars of the Pine Processionary can be seen […]

All about night-blindness or nyctalopia

  Everyone’s vision is reduced in low light conditions. Nevertheless, some have particular difficulties at night in such conditions. This is known as night-blindness or nyctalopia. How is night vision different from daytime vision? Night vision is different from daytime vision. At night, the ability to perceive colour is reduced and our vision is practically […]

5 ways to help prevent macular degeneration

Elderly people are at a higher risk of suffering from age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), one of the leading blindness causes in developed countries. This disease affects central vision and limits reading and writing abilities, besides causing problems in recognizing faces. Luckily, there are a few measures that can be undertaken in order to reduce the […]

Changes in vision during pregnancy

Vision during pregnancy may change due to fluid retention, an increase in blood volume, hormonal changes and other physical changes which take place during pregnancy. These are often temporary changes that resolve after the baby’s birth or after maternal lactation. Vision changes are usually minor and they do not tend to require a change in […]

Curious facts about tears

A sad movie ending, a breakup, an onion chopped into slices, a blow or contusion, or fits of laughter may bring us to tears, a liquid that has many functions. Lachrymal glands produce them continuously, and can generate between 55 and over 110 liters of tears per year, thus contributing to maintaining daily eye health […]

Dr. Castillo coauthors an article on ophthalmology during the ancient Greece and Rome

Doctor Castillo, Head of Neuro-ophthalmology and Teaching Department at ICR, has published an article under the name La oftalmología en la antigua Grecia y Roma (Ophthalmology in ancient Greece and Rome) as a coauthor alongside doctor Sergio Miserachs. The article has been published in the historical section of Archivos de la Sociedad Española de Oftalmología […]

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