2017 Vitreous-Retina Symposium

Next March 2nd, Madrid’s Casino will hold the 2017 Vitreous-Retina Symposium

On this occasion, the event will focus on 6 round tables and on highly interesting ophthalmic clinical cases.

The discussions initiated in these round tables will address the use of image diagnosis in Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD), a degenerative disease that usually has its onset at advances ages and that may lead to a substantial central vision loss. During the second round table, treatment and surgery of diabetic edema, a common cause of vision loss in diabetic patients, will be analyzed.

There will also be a round table focused on retinal detachment  and another pivoting on macular surgery. Finally, the 5th and 6th round tables will be focused on diabetic retinopathy with tractional retinal detachment and on new technologies for the hypersonic liquefaction of vitreous humor.

Dr. Ignasi Jürgens, Medical Director and Head of Retina and Vitreous Department at Institut Català de Retina, will take part in the event as a discussant. More specifically, he will discuss the best surgical maneuvers to ensure the best possible outcomes in retinal detachment surgery.

For more information on the symposium, you can access its website.

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