FacoElche 2016

On February 5th, Dr Ignasi Jürgens, ICR Medical Director, took part on the 18th edition of FacoElche 2016, which took place in Elche (Alicante).

Over the course of this well-known scientific meeting, Dr Jürgens performed and commented a live surgery in which he used the most innovative existing microscope with integrated OCT that allows the display of high quality images of the surgery in real time, together with cross-sectional images of tissues obtained by means of a laser tomographer.

The surgical procedure consisted of a simultaneous retina and cataract intervention through micro-incisions in a 78-year-old patient with epiretinal membrane and cataract.

FacoElche 2016 live surgery video

The surgery commented by Dr Jürgens offered outstanding images of the procedure and was recorded and seen live from the auditorium by the 1000 meeting attendees. The video images of the surgery are already available in FacoElche’s video library on the following link:


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