Preoperative study

The surgeon will decide, based on a preoperative study, whether the patient can undergo surgery or not. In order to carry out this study, it is necessary to adhere to the following guidelines:

During the days preceding the tests, it is mandatory not to wear contact lenses. Lens should not be used for 10 days before the intervention in case of soft or toric lenses, and for 15 days before surgery if they are rigid or semi-rigid.

The patient will not be allowed to drive the day of the study, as one of the tests includes the dilation of pupils. Raindrops cause blurred vision during at least the following next 8 hours (although in exceptional cases, the effect can last up to 48 hours).

The patient will receive the results of the tests performed the same day, and the surgeon will discuss them with him.

It is possible to schedule surgery starting from the third day after the tests are performed.



In case the patient can undergo surgery, it will be performed under topical anaesthesia (anaesthetic eye drops will be administered in both eyes).

The intervention will last approximately 7 minutes for each eye and the patient will have to stay at the centre approximately 75 minutes. He will be able to go home without any occlusion or stitch.

Dark glasses (similar to sunglasses) will be provided in order to protect the patient eyes from streams of air and light. After that, the patient will be able to go home.

Depending on the type of surgery, the medical leave will last generally between 24 and 48 hours. After surgery, a certificate including the expected length of sick leave will be delivered to the patient.

During the sick leave, it is recommended not to drive, read, stare at any screen or go to the cinema, as well as not to carry out any activities that require visual efforts.

During the first three hours following the intervention, it is recommended to stay at home resting with the eyes closed, as the patient may experience a scratchy, heavy or watery feeling in the eyes.



During the first year following surgery, 5 follow-up consultations (depending on each specific case, the number may increase) will be scheduled:

Post-operative consultation the day after surgery
Follow-up consultation 10 days or 1 month after surgery (at the surgeon’s discretion)
Follow-up consultation 3 months after surgery
Follow-up consultation 6 months after surgery
The last consultation will take place 1 year after surgery


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