The most advanced technology in cataract surgery was developed by the multinational company ZEISS, the most prestigious brand in ophthalmology microscopy.

Nowadays, it is the safest, more precise and more comfortable technology. No manual eye marking is required, which means there is no likeliness of spots and discomforts for the patient and precision is increased.

It automatically combines data collected by different equipments involved in the surgery.

With Cataract Suite markerless risks are reduced because surgeons can focus all their attention to procedure, as data transmission and marking is done by automation. The system automatically pinpoints the exact place where we want to insert any type of lens.

The progress achieved with this technique has been immeasurable and it could be considered the new generation cataract surgery.

What distinguishes this technology?

It is the safest technology: tasks from eye data collection to lens implant are automatically carried out.

It is the most precise technology: toric and multifocal toric lens implant is carried out on the indicated place through digital combination of data collected from different equipments.

It is the most comfortable technology: the patient does not suffer from discomfort from manual eye marking.

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