What technologies does ICR have for laser correction surgery?

I would say the most advanced technology. When I discuss this subject, I like to mention the professionals involved. We have top-notch staff, not only surgeons, but also people in administration who are in charge of informing patients, and those working alongside the surgeon in the operating theatre: theatre nurses, anesthesiologists are of the highest level. I’ve had the change to work in operating theatres of many centers, and ICR is a reference center in this regard. However, we also have the best technology. And I say this without any concerns, as we have the best microscope systems that provide a very precise surgical assistance and accurateness in the manoeuvres we perform, we use state of the art lasers, both excimer and femtosecond lasers, as well as all cutting-edge technology that can currently help us achieve the best result. And of course, we follow all technology improvements that may one day provide even better results. That is, we monitor all advances in the technique, devices, lasers and lenses that may one day improve the outcomes, providing that they have been proved, or we have been able to verify that they are efficient, safe and can offer good results to our patients.

What have trifocal lenses meant for patients and surgeons?

Trifocal lenses are a step forward in refractive surgery. We have been working to date with multifocal lenses, which had a focus for near vision and another for distant vision. Trifocal lenses provide a new third focus for intermediate vision, being specially useful for tasks at such distance, like watching our mobile phone or working with computers. Trifocal lenses that provide this third focus better resemble the natural eye, which is able to focus at all distances, and that is the final aim of this surgery, to provide a result which resembles as much as possible that of a natural eye.

Is it possible to surgically correct presbyopia?

Presbyopia is one of the refraction errors we usually correct nowadays. The techniques we use are basically laser and multifocal lenses, and during the last few years, multifocal lenses have positioned themselves as the most used, effective and safe technique for presbyopia correction. This does not mean there aren’t other techniques which are currently being developed, such as intracorneal implants or specific corneal and crystalline lens modifications, that we will incorporate providing that their efficiency and safeness is verified. Currently, the surgery of choice, which is the most widespread throughout the world, is crystalline lens surgery, consisting in the replacement of crystalline lens by multifocal lenses.


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