Cataract Treatment

Cataract Treatment

The aim of this department is to diagnose and treat cataracts, which cause a slowly progressive visual loss due to opacity of the lens.

Cataract treatment is only surgical, and it involves emptying the opaque content of the lens and then introducing an artificial intraocular lens with the suitable optical correction.

Biometry is performed to measure the intraocular lens that has to be implanted by ultrasounds biometry or the latest technology based on Optical Coherence Laser Biometry (IOL MASTER).

Thanks to latest generation of technology available, cataract surgery may be performed by micro incision (MICS), a minimally invasive surgery that avoids surgical astigmatism. Another used technology is the AQUALASE® system, which is based on the use of high pressure fluid instead of conventional ultrasound.

Customized surgical planning for each patient allows choosing the best surgical option like evaluating those patients who will benefit from the implant of a multifocal intraocular lens to correct also presbyopia.

With these special lenses patients are much more spectacle-independent to see in long distance and short distance.

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john dowbekin

could I benifit from multifocal lenses
I am 80years old,early stage cataract


    Good morning Mr.Dowbekin,

    If possible could provide us a telephone number?

    We will contact you as soon as possible

    Thank you.

    Institut Català de Retina

Carolyn Price

My husband is an insulation reliant type 2 diabetic and has a cataract in his left eye. We have been informed by our NHS that the waiting list is approximately 39 weeks (that was 4 weeks ago). We would like to know if he can have this operation abroad. How long is the waiting list, how much would it cost and what would it involve in the way of appointments and visits the hospital, including aftercare?


    Good morning Mrs. Price,

    We’ve answered in your email.

    Thank you.

    Institut Català de Retina

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