Last March 3rd, the V EVO ICL Staar Users Meeting took place in Barcelona, where the most prestigious ophthalmologists in the country presented the latest advances and clinical cases in this area, with talks about ICL technology. Among them, there was Dr. Francesc Duch, responsible for the Refractive Surgery Department at ICR Ophthalmology Center.

Dr. Duch has been participating in these meetings for years. In the latest edition he has done it under the presentation “Induced astigmatism in ICL lens implantation”, a lecture in which he analyzed the influence of the corneal incision -made to implant the ICL- on the final astigmatism. This possible residual astigmatism could condition the visual result, and during the presentation, Dr. Duch gave advice on how to minimize this effect.

A safe, stable, predictable and effective method

Dr. Duch has also presented a study in which he has been able to prove that in his experience the mentioned effect was practically inexistent, therefore, patients can achieve an optimal visual effect, as if the eye had not been touched.

The main conclusions of Dr. Duch’s work is that the astigmatism induced by EVO ICL implantation is not clinically significant, regardless of the preoperative corneal astigmatism. The research also determines that the size of the incision made does not cause significant changes in induced astigmatism, and that corneal astigmatism is not affected by EVO ICL implantation, just as corneal aberrometry is not affected. Therefore, myopic astigmatism correction with toric EVO ICLs is an effective, safe, predictable and stable method.

All in all, the annual conference had the participation of several experts in refractive surgery from all over the country in order to share, reflect and create synergies.

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