Refractive surgery in summer: say goodbye to your eyeglasses

Refractive surgery in summer: say goodbye to your eyeglasses

When the summer comes, outdoor activities increase and we become much more active. Without a doubt, these activities make summer the perfect time of the year to consider undergoing a vision correction surgery.

How many times have you wanted to practice sports, or go to the swimming pool or to the beach and you had to take care of your glasses in order not to lose them, and make sure they do not break or fog up from heat? And how many times have you wanted to practice a sport such as snorkelling for which glasses are uncomfortable, troublesome or even impossible to use?

Refractive surgery provides solutions to these problems by eliminating limitations caused by refractive error.

Moreover, with the arrival of warm weather, all those who do not tolerate the use of contact lenses must resort to the use of corrective sunglasses. This kind of glasses are often not appropriate for all activities, and if you must put them on and remove them by swapping them by corrective non-tinted glasses in order to see well, your refractive error may lead you to unpractical situations.

Furthermore, holidays are a good moment to undergo this surgery, because, although it does not require a substantial postoperative period, holidays will allow you to undergo the intervention with less concerns. It may also be a good option for people who do not want to ask for a sick leave or for those intending to pass public competitions or exams in order to access jobs that require physical exercise and a good vision, such as firefighters or members of public security forces.

The only thing you must bear in mind is that right after the surgery, it will be necessary to maintain rest and wear dark protective sunglasses for a few days when you come out to daylight, as your eyes cannot be exposed to sunlight during the days following the intervention. Swimming won’t be allowed for the two weeks following the intervention, as your eyes will still not be ready to come into contact with sea or pool water.

After such period, provided that the ophthalmologist allows it, you will be able to resume your normal activities and start enjoying your new vision, but do not forget to correctly protect your eyes with proper sunglasses when exposing yourself to daylight, as any other person should do.



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