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The 6th edition of the medical meeting Perlas Retina 2017 organized by Novartis and Alcon is held today, March 2nd in Madrid, and will gather renowned ophthalmologist from all over Spain.

Perlas Retina is an ophthalmology reference event that focuses on retinal diseases. From clinical cases, experiences related to surgical and medical management of these diseases are discussed and commented.

In Spain, an estimated 2 million people suffer from diseases that affect the retina. Some of these diseases are among the leading blindness causes in developed countries.

Nevertheless, the progress brought by new intraoperative visualization systems and developments in medical technology have substantially improved vitreoretinal surgery procedures.

Discussion topics

In this occasion, a series of complex clinical cases and complication that can arise both during and after the interventions will be presented. The aim is to make participants draw relevant conclusions on the topic with the expert help from panelists.

The discussion will also analyse how new technologies applied to surgical microscopes can be helpful during vitreoretinal surgeries.

Dr. Xavier Maseras, member of ICR Retina Department will take part as a panelist in the meeting, which will provide participants with a series of tools for everyday use in clinical practice.

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