Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions
  • Why to visit in the ICR?

The ICR, formed by more than 250 professionals and 85 ophthalmologists, it is an integral centre of ophthalmology that covers all specialties. The medical team formed by prestigious specialists and with a wide experience qualified to attend to the most complicated cases. We have a medical emergency service 24 hours a day, and the centre has the latest technological advances. The investigation and the teaching place us like a centre leader in our area. The attention to our patients is based on the professional quality of our team and that we prioritize the humane treatment custom.

  • Why is it necessary to go regularly to the ophthalmologist?

The early diagnosis allows us to successfully control the majority of eye diseases. An annual eye examination can help us to prevent diseases that once developed will be irreversible. One of the best elements in medicine is the prevention and early detection of possible disorders

  • Which is the age to take my son for the first time to the ophthalmologist?

All children should be an ophthalmologic review in child age. The first ophthalmological examination can prevent visual loss, which, if it is detected in adult age it can be irreversible.

  • When I come to visit, the ophthalmologist will also dilate my pupils?

Normally, when it comes to a first visit in the centre or when it has passed a certain period of time since the last time, it usually dilates the patients for the ophthalmologic examination. This will happen except in those cases in which the doctor determine otherwise. The ophthalmologist will consider in each particular case if it is necessary or not dilate the patient’s eyes.

  • I’m going to see blurry if they dilate me the pupil? How long does the effect?

Yes, it is possible that you see blurry once finished the visit. The effect of the drops can last for some hours, or, in certain cases, the effect can last between 24 and 48 hours depending on the type of drops that have been used to dilate. These drops are always according to the criterion of the ophthalmologist.

  • Is it allowed to drive after the visit?

It can be that you see blurry after the visit and having to wait to be able to take the car. If you come by car it is recommended that you come with another person. After the different tests, like refractive surgery, you cannot go driving in any case.

Do I have to ask for an appointment to emergency on the ICR?

No, our emergency service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have four consultations exclusively addressing ophthalmological emergency which are equipped with all the necessary equipment for correct urgent attention.

  • It is important that I visit an ophthalmologist if I practice any sport?

It is very important. Ocular lesions associated with the practice of any sport are very communes, especially in contact and ball sports. All the people who practice any sport would have to be made a preliminary study of their visual conditions. The ophthalmologist will show the absence of ocular diseases or, if there is any pathology, it will determine that sports you can do and with that frequency and intensity.

  • Am I a good candidate for refractive surgery?

Any person can be evaluated to assess the possibilities of surgical correction of their graduation problem. Although anyone can be a good candidate, usually done surgery from twenty-one and when the strength is stable (minor changes to half diopter) during the last year. Personal evaluation is a priority and essential step in order to guarantee the good result of the operation.

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