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    CO2 laser is a laser technology used in aesthetic treatments to improve the look of the skin.

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    Recovery from a treatment performed with CO2 laser is much faster and easier than the one in other techniques. 


    At ICR we have the best lasers in the market and highly qualified, specialized professionals to handle them.

    What is it?

    CO2 laser is a laser technology used in eye cosmetic treatments to improve the look of the skin, vaporize injuries like xanthelasma or skin tags and perform blepharoplasty surgeries with more precise incisions and a shorter period of recovery for the patient.

    Nowadays, fractional CO2 laser is one of the most used laser technologies with the purpose of giving skin a smoother look. It allows the doctors to act on very small sections of the skin and leave untouched those parts that do not require treatment, reducing the recovery period for patients.

    This laser takes water in the skin as its target; it heats the tissue until it reaches the temperature of water evaporation in the deepest layers of skin, warming collagen and removing superficial small portions of the skin in a controlled way. When fractional laser treatment is applied, the patient’s body receives a signal to start a skin regenerating process, favouring the production and tightening of collagen.

    At ICR we have the best lasers in the market to perform cosmetic treatments and highly qualified, specialized professionals to apply them.

    A patient undergoes a treatment with CO2 laser at ICR.

    Why must it be performed by a doctor?

    It is very important that CO2 laser treatments are always performed by a specialized medical professional. Particulary, if the treatments are performed in the perioduclar area, the person performing the treatment must be an oculoplastics ophthalmologist. The professional in charge of the treatment has to know both the anatomy and the specific features of the periocular skin (the thinest in the whole body), in order to guarantee that the procedure is safe for the patient at all times. 

    Ophthalmologists have the necessary knowledge to take care of the patient in all kinds of treatments in the periocular area.

    What treatments can be performed with laser CO2?

    Today we offer several treatments with CO2 laser technology, including:

    • Blepharoplasty. It is usually recommended to undergo this surgery with CO2 laser, since this technology shortens the post-operative period.
    • Non-surgical blepharoplasty. A regeneration of the skin in the upper eyelids can be performed without the need to enter the operating room.
    • Resurfacing. A skin rejuvenating treatment reducing wrinkles anywhere in the face.
    • Cool Peel. A peeling of the superficial layer of the skin with laser, bringing luminosity to all the face. It is one of the few treatments with laser that can be undergone during all year, even in summer. It is perfect for punctual events such as weddings. 
    • Removal of injuries -such as warts and xanthelasma-. We can remove these injuries with the help of the laser without having to undergo a surgery. 



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