Dra. Rocío Rodríguez - Congreso Panamericano

The XXXIV Pan American Congress of Ophthalmology was held from May 25 to 28 in Cancun (Mexico). Dr. Rocío Rodríguez, responsible of the Pediatric Ophthalmology Departament and the Eye Motility and Strabismus Unit, participated as a guest lecturer.

 This event aims to update attendees with the latest ophthalmological techniques of each specialty, through a program that offers a clinical and surgical approach to the problems that these specialists handle daily. Thus, throughout the four days of the congress, symposiums and courses were held, electronic posters, free works and videos were presented.

Presentation by Dr. Rocío Rodríguez

Dra. Rocío Rodríguez - Congreso Panamericano

Within the section dedicated to strabismus, Dr. Rodriguez, responsible for the Eye Motility and Strabismus Unit of ICR, gave a presentation on congenital esotropia. This eye motility disorder usually appears after the age of 6 months, and as the name implies, has genetic causes. The patient can see with one eye while diverting the other. Sometimes strabismus may be accompanied by involuntary movements of the eyeball, called nystagmus.

In addition to the Strabismus section, ICR also participated in the Glaucoma section. In this case, Dr. Karla Gonzales and Dr. Eleonora Ayala, members of the ICR Glaucoma Department, presented the paper entitled Efecto de la citicolina y el ácido docosahexaenoico (DHA) en la función visual de los pacientes con glaucoma, performed together with other ICR members.

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