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On November 24-28, the XIII International Course of the Mexican College of Glaucoma was held, which on this occasion took place virtually. The congress featured different lectures by national and international ophthalmologists, including two speeches by Dr. Alfonso Antón, head of the ICR Glaucoma Department.

What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a disease of the optic nerve characterized by a loss of the visual field. It is a progressive and irreversible disease and is usually asymptomatic in its early stages of development. There are different types of glaucoma, although all are characterized by having a characteristic damage to the optic nerve and approximately 70% have elevated eye pressure.

The diagnosis of glaucoma is made by a complete ophthalmologic exam, which aims to evaluate intraocular pressure, optic nerve status and optic nerve function.

El Dr. Antón ha presentado en el congreso 10 consejos para detectar la progresión de glaucoma
Dr. Antón ha presented at the congress 10 tips to detect glaucoma’s progression.

About the congress

The International Course of the Mexican College of Glaucoma aims to treat the pathology from all points of view. For this reason it has been divided into different blocks or modules, among which are the approach and alignment of treatments, their causes and approaches, the intimate relationship between glaucoma and the ocular surface or laser and surgical procedures.

On this occasion, Dr. Antón presented two papers in the blocks corresponding to Perimetry and OCT. These are the two most important tests in the diagnosis and follow-up of glaucoma.

The first lecture, entitled Analysis of glaucoma progression with visual fields, detailed the different aspects that a doctor must evaluate to find out whether the patient’s visual deficit has worsened or whether, on the contrary, it remains stable. The evolution of the patient’s vision is essential in order to find the best treatment to maintain the quality of life of each person.

El doctor ha presentado diferentes imágenes obtenidas con OCT sobre la progresión del nervio óptico.
The doctor has presented different images obtained with OCT about thr progression of the optic nerve.

On the other hand, in the presentation Analysis of glaucoma progression with OCT, Dr. Antón reviewed the results obtained from optical coherence tomography, an imaging method that in just a few seconds makes it possible to see and measure the layers of the retina that are altered in glaucoma.

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