Dra. Ibáñez - Symposium Controversies Ophthalmology

Together with several renowned ophthalmologists from all parts of Spain, Dr. Núria Ibáñez, chief of the Department of Oculoplasty at Institut Català de Retina, took part on the “IX Symposium on Controversies in Ophthalmology”. The symposium dealt with subjects and controversies related to oculoplasty and was held at Hospital de Bellvitge. The areas discussed covered the most innovative ophthalmology treatments in two ophthalmology specialties: oculoplasty and glaucoma.

Four roundtables were organized, two of them dealing with oculoplasty and another two with glaucoma. Dr. Ibáñez actively took part in the two round tables devoted to oculoplasty and she shared her experience with the rest of the specialists and attendants at the symposium.


The first round table, entitled “Anophthalmic cavity: surgical pearls and orbital volume management”, discussed the loss of an eye and the repercussions that it entails at different levels. It also addressed how to improve reconstructive surgery of the orbital cavity, the latest treatments to respond to complications and how the adaptation of eye prostheses can provide an aesthetic recovery with exceptional results.

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From left to right, Dr. Àlvaro Toribio, Dr. Antoni Alomar, Dr. Marta López, Dr. Tirso Alonso, Dr. Joan Prat, Dr. Maravillas Abia, Dr. Basilio Moreno, Dr. Marco Sales, Dr. Ferran Mascaró and Dr. Núria Ibáñez.

The second roundtable, entitled “Postoperative management and complications in filtering surgery”, addressed surgical treatments and the evolution of glaucoma patients.

The third round table, entitled “Eyelid malposition: diagnostic orientation and therapeutic management”, approached abnormal eyelid and eyelashes positions, as well as how to treat the important problems they cause, both at a visual and at an aesthetic level and which can be potentially severe. Participants insisted on the usual need of using grafts to solve such problems and to proceed to more than one intervention in severe cases.

During the last round table there was a debate on the different kinds of glaucoma surgeries and the advantages and disadvantages they have to offer.

Dra. Ibáñez - Simposio Controversias

The symposium is open to every single professional in healthcare industry, especially in the ophthalmology area, and it is of a great interactive and participative character, as it increasingly integrates new technologies to the event. This year, for instance, the attendants were able to send their questions to the participants of the oculoplasty round tables through WhatsApp.

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