ICR optometrists at the 25th International Congress of Optometry, Contactology and Ophthalmic Optic

ICR optometrists at the 25th International Congress of Optometry, Contactology and Ophthalmic Optic

Cristina Baena, Marc Martínez, Mar Bazo, Laura Asensio, Xènia Sans.

The twenty-fifth International Congress of Optometry, Contactology and Ophthalmic Optic 2018, was held from April 13 to 15 at the IFEMA exhibition center in Madrid, under the theme “Directing our future”.

This congress, organized by the Association of Opticians and Optometrists (Consejo General de Colegios de Óptimos-Optometristas) gathered together many experts in optics and optometry.  There were some optometrists of the Institut Català de Retina among the participants:  Laura Asensio, Marc Martínez, Xènia Sans, Cristina Baena and Mar Bazo. They presented a wide variety of topics about optometry:

Laura Asensio presented a poster called “When visual acuity and pupillary evaluation are key to diagnosis”.

Marc Martínez presented two different studies: the first one entitled “Clinical case of unilateral accommodative spasm” and the second one called “Progressive binocular diplopia. Intraorbital squamous carcinoma with cavernous sinus extension “.

Xènia Sans presented two posters, which were entitled “Normotensive glaucoma? No, compressive optic neuropathy “and ” When low visual acuity in a child is not a refractive defect”.

Mar Bazo presented the poster “Possible prenatal infection due to Zika virus”.

And, Cristina Baena presented a study called “Papillary hemorrhage in patients with optic nerve drusen”.

In addition, a work called “First steps after the translation into Spanish of a specific life quality test for patients with visual impairment (SLVQOL)” was also presented. Lluís González and Liliana Araujo, from the Optometry Department of Institut Català de Retina, contributed in this work which is part of the thesis of optometrist Lluís Pérez from Hospital de l’Esperança.  This work studies the use of a questionnaire for patients who are visual disabled as a useful tool to perform a specific evaluation of patients that suffer ARMD with severe vision loss and, thus, determine the effects of visual rehabilitation.

What were the objectives of this congress?

The main objectives of the congress were to set up a meeting place to exchange strategies for clinical action, to encourage visual professionals to be leaders of visual health in order to improve the care received by patients, to update knowledge about dry eye through the latest publications, promote new methods of presbyopia correction through simultaneous vision and offer a global vision of myopia as the new pandemic of the 21th century.

Many clinical courses took place during the congress, as well as lectures, plenary sessions and poster communications, which were used to present and develop the objectives of the congress.

In case you need more information about the posters that were presented by our team, you can consult them at the following website: http://asvideoposters.com/congresos/f/Optom_2018

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