В средствах массовой информации подчеркивается участие врача Dr. Antón в профессиональной встрече «Horizonte Alcon 20/20»

Several media, such as EcoDiarios.es and Siglo XXI, have highlighted the participation of Dr. Alfonso Antón, head of the Department of Glaucoma at ICR, in the professional meeting “Horizon Alcon 20/20” organized by Alcon, and that has brought together prestigious ophthalmologists to analyze the latest advances in retina and glaucoma.

This meeting has been divided into different sessions, one of them dedicated to glaucoma and coordinated by Dr. Antón. These sessions are the meeting point between ophthalmology professionals from all over the country. The aim is to discuss innovation, to find the way to look forward to futur and to emphasize the importance of raising awareness among the population about the need to prevent vision disorders.

Consensus among experts in ophthalmology

As reported by these media, Dr. Antón stressed that “there are many issues in which there is not enough consensus among the experts, so it is very convenient to listen and share the experience and criteria of other professionals.”

New less invasive surgical treatments

Dr. Antón has emphasized the importance of the use of MIGS surgical treatments (minimally invasive), “less aggressive than traditional surgeries, since small implants are used and they require a much smaller surgical manipulation, allowing a faster recovery of the patient. “

A correct control and monitoring of eye diseases

Moreover, Dr. Antón explained that “there are always challenges to be met and I would emphasize greater control and prevention in those degenerative pathologies that, unfortunately, in the long term lead to a bad outcome, such as retinal or neural pathologies like glaucoma.

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