Curso de Cirugía del Glaucoma

On February 14th and 15th the 3rd edition of the Glaucoma Surgery Course was held in Madrid, organized by Dr. Cosme Lavín and Dr. J. M. Navero, member of the ICR Glaucoma Department. This course, that was arising from the need to learn and improve surgical glaucoma techniques, is an annual meeting point for all the country’s specialists, that have an occasion review during two days the latest developments in glaucoma surgery.

Presentations by the ICR glaucoma specialists.

Among the speakers, Dr. J. M. Navero, who was being part of the organization, stood out, giving several presentations, including one on how to improve the technique of trabeculectomy and one on MIGS plus via conjunctival and MPFG Xen, which he presented with other specialists. The event also included speeches by Professor Pedro Corsino, who talked about the beginnings of glaucoma surgery, and Dr. Alfonso Anton, head of the ICR Grlaucoma Department, who shared the bases of research in glaucoma and recommendations on how to get started.

There are currently many surgical techniques and new devices that require excellent learning and training, and courses like this offer the opportunity to update and review the latest techniques in glaucoma’s treatment by the hands of the best specialists. The Glaucoma Surgery Course is a very successful and participative course, where the interaction between speakers and attendees is part of the essence of learning. That is the reason why seats are very limited. In the last edition, the assistants approved its format and in an anonymous poll, almost 99% of them said that they would recommend it without any doubt to their colleagues.

Curso de Cirugía del Glaucoma
All the speakers and members of the organization in the III Course of Glaucoma Surgery

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