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Dr. Núria Ibáñez, head of the ICR Department of Orbit and Oculoplasty, participated as a speaker in the latest edition of the Symposium on Ophthalmological Controversies, that was held once again at the Bellvitge University Hospital (Barcelona).

The event, which was attended by experts in different Ophthalmological areas, included different round tables, where professionals debated about the use of IA in clinical practice, the controversy in lacrimal diseases or the variety of surgical techniques used in Glaucoma. Moreover, two speeches were held on the tolerability in Glaucoma treatment and the benefits of using eye lubrication for dry eyes.

Dr. Ibáñez’s speech

Dr. Ibáñez participated as an expert in the lacrimal diseases roundtable, where she discussed with other experts about the different diseases of the lacrimal duct, their causes, the best way to diagnose these pathologies and the latest techniques to treat each one of them. During this roundtable, several videos were also presented, which allowed an in-depth look at the latest surgical techniques for dealing with each of the diseases of the lacrimal duct.

Among other illnesses, they talked about lacrimal duct traumatisms, how to repair them and which surgical techniques are the most appropriate to do it. They also discussed lacrimal duct obstructions, how to diagnose them an and the best techniques for dealing with them. Finally, they discussed about the functional Epiphora (the malfunctioning of the lacrimal duct without any pathology or obstruction), how to diagnose it and how to treat it.

The event was also attended by several members of the ICR Orbit and Oculoplasty Department.

Dr. Ibáñez with Dr. Graell, Dr. Secondi, Dr. Planella and Dr. Prieto.
Dr. Planella, Dr. Ibáñez and Dr. Becerra.
Roundtable “Controversies in lacrimal pathology”
Roundtable “Controversies in lacrimal pathology”
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